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The Gibraltar E-money Association welcomes the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission press release promoting Gibraltar’s experience and focus as a European centre of excellence for the growing e-money industry:

Heidi Bocarisa, Head of the Banking, E-Money and Investment Services Division commented;

“E-money in all its forms provides opportunities for the financial community to offer services to those who have previously been excluded from historic banking services. Additionally, with the increasing pressure to innovate and adapt, new technologies now provide innovative solutions to other age old problems. Cash, and the handling of it, can be cumbersome and expensive for financial institutions and businesses. It has also become a barrier to an effective economic system. We believe that Gibraltar is ideally located to expand its offering of well regulated and competitive solutions to this need”.

Daniel Spier Chairman of the Gibraltar Electronic Money Association (GEMA) commented:

“As an Association and a Business active in the E-money sector, we welcome this move by the FSC. We believe Gibraltar is an opportune jurisdiction within Europe from which to offer E-money services given the significant growth experienced within the industry.