• Membership shall be open to payment services providers within the EEA authorised to carry on regulated payment services business from or to Gibraltar. In addition, other parties may request membership on a discretionary basis subject to written approval by a majority of the Founding Members.
  • Application for Membership shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary.  Approval of applications shall be at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee, meeting with a valid quorum.
  • A Member may withdraw from the Association at any time by giving notice in writing to the Secretary.
  • Other than in respect of discretionary members, whose membership may be terminated upon 3 month’s notice without cause, Membership will terminate if a member ceases to be authorised as a payment service provider within the meaning of clause 3)b) and discretionary membership is not offered to such member.
  • A subscription agreed by the Founding Members shall be payable by Members on admission to the Association and annually thereafter in advance by 31st December. On payment of the relevant subscription, Members shall provide the Secretary with the name of their relevant representatives.  New Members shall pay the full annual subscription for the year of joining. The subscription amount may be varied by Annual General Meeting.
  • Members agree to adhere to generally accepted and agreed financial services practices and be satisfied at all times as to the integrity of their staff and their practices.